Please enter the amount per week you would like to charge for your homestay.Please enter the amount you would like to charge per week for your homestay.If you would like to charge a refundable Security Deposit please enter the amount here, otherwise you can leave this blank.

Please only use digits without any currency symbol.
If you allow guests use of your kitchen please indicate this here.Do you allow eating or drinking in your room?Please indicate if you have pets in your homestay and/or if pets are allowed.If you have a maximum number of days/nights for which you can accommodate a guest please enter it here.

For example, 365 for one year, etc.

If you have no maximum then do not enter anything.
Enter the description of the service here. But very clear with your description to avoid any misunderstanding.

For example, Price is per week for the duration of your stay or Price is for single airport transfer, etc.
Enter the price for the service here.

For example €25 or €30 per week.
Enter a name for the service here.

For example, Packed Lunch, Full Board, Airport Transfer, etc.
If you offer additional services such as packed lunch, full board, etc. you can add them here.If Google has placed the Map Pin in the wrong place for your address you can move it manually here.

You will notice that the Longitude and Latitude below will change as you move the pin.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.

For example, Ireland, etc.
This field may be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions, however this is not always accurate and may be something generic such as Northside.

If it is incorrect or not completed you can enter it here manually.

For example, Glasnevin, Santry, etc.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.

For example, County Dublin, County Meath, etc.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.

For example, Dublin 13, Dublin 7, etc.
Please select the type of bed for this listing.

Enter Double, Single, Bunk, etc.
Enter any additional rules for your homestay here.

For example No visitors after 10pm, No shoes worn indoors, or any other rule.
Do you allow smoking in your homestay?Enter the minimum number of nights you wish to offer hosting. For example if you don't want to accept bookings of less than four weeks enter 28 here. Use digits only.

If you don't have a minimum number for this listing, don't enter anything here.
Enter your cancellation policy here.

e.g. Free cancellation up to one month before arrival date. Cancellation less than one month before arrival date will forfeit your security deposit.
Start typing your address in the 'Address' field below and then select from the Google suggestions.

Once you select an option all other fields will be completed automatically.

If Google cannot find your address you may enter it manually by completing the fields.
Select any of the Educational Institutions shown below which are within a 45 minute commute of your home.Select all of the public transport options which are close to your home.Select any of the transport options which apply from the categories shown.Upload photos of your room here.

Guests rely on photos for making their decision so the better the quality the more interest your listing will generate.
If you have a video of your room or an introduction from yourself, add the details here.You can add any additional services you offer here.

For example you may offer a packed lunch, full board, airport transfer etc.
Enter the amount per night which is used for calculations.

For example if you have entered 140 above for your weekly rate then divide this amount by 7 to get your nightly rate. In this example it would be 20 (140 ÷ 7 = 20)

This is the amount which will be used for calculating the booking total.

Use numbers only (no currency symbol).
Please enter the amount per week you wish to achieve for your listing.

Enter a number only (no currency symbol), e.g. 145
If you accept interns and/or workers, please select a category.

If you don't accept interns or workers don't select any option.
Do you accept couples or families? If so, select option below.

If you don't accept couples or families don't select any option.
Please enter a contact number so that Room For Rent can call you regarding booking requests.

This number will not be visible to, or provided to, potential guests.
If you only wish to host female guests select Female

If you only wish to host male guests select Male

If you wish to host guests of either gender select Male and Female

You must select an option.
Enter the type of bathroom. e.g. Ensuite, Shared Bathroom etc.Enter the total number of beds in this room.

If there is only one bed in the room enter 1

If there is more than one bed in the room enter the total number.

Enter a number only.
Enter the maximum number of guests you can accommodate for this listing.

1 or 2 (e.g. if you have a twin room and are happy to accept either 1 or 2 guests)
Select which category best fits your room.

Choose from Private Room, Shared Room or Entire Place.
Enter a detailed description of your listing.

The more information you add the more likely a guest is to click on your homestay.
Enter a catchy title for your room, e.g. Spacious Double Room, Quirky Attic Room, etc.

This is what potential guests will see when browsing listings so make it attractive.
Please select the type of bed for this listing.

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Why Register with Room For Rent?

Make Your Spare Space Pay

If you have a spare room turn it into income by offering a student, intern or worker your room for short or long periods?

Why Room For Rent?

It's 100% FREE for hosts and we connect 1000s of guests from around the world with 1000s of hosts.

Fantastic Connectivity

Room For Rent offer great, easy to use tools to facilitate a smooth and satisfying experience.

The Room For Rent Process

1. List Your Room

Enter all the details about your room. Add great pictures to make your listing really attractive. Give guests useful information about you, your place, transport options.

When a guest enquires about your room you get all their details before deciding if you’re both a great fit.

2. Welcome Your Guests

You communicate directly with your guests and arrange arrival and departure dates. If you offer additional services such as Full Board, Airport Transfer, etc. you can discuss all of these with your guests before they arrive.

3. Earn Money

Instead of leaving your spare rooms sitting around you have the opportunity to make them work for you.

You decide how much you want to charge and your guests will pay you directly during their stay.

Keep Everything Under Control

Listing Management

As a Room For Rent host you have full control over your listing.

Want to change your listing detail? You have full control. Log in, make your change. Simple!

Booking System

You decide when, and for how long you want to make your listing available.

Going on holiday? No problem. Log into your Room For Rent dashboard and mark those dates as unavailable.

Prices and Fees

You decide exactly what you want to charge for your room and the guest pays you directly.

No Fees. No Commission. As a Room for Rent host you get to keep every penny!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list my place on Room For Rent?

Register for free as a host by clicking here.

Once you have registered as a host you can add as many listings as you like.

When adding your listing you decide:

  • When you want to make your room available
  • What type of guests you want to accept
  • How much you want to charge
  • Whether or not to add a security deposit
  • What your house rules are

How do payments work?

When a guest wants to make a booking they pay Room For Rent a booking fee.

The payment for your room, security deposit, or any extras, is made directly to you by the guest.

Generally for longer stays guests will pay you on a monthly basis and you can decide if you would like to receive that payment in advance or in arrears.

You have full control over how and when you receive your payments.

How do I receive booking requests?

When a guest views your listing and decide that they would like to stay at your home they complete a booking request form.

When the form is submitted you immediately get a Host copy by email which includes:

  • Guests name, gender, date of birth and nationality
  • Proposed arrival and departure dates
  • The reason for their stay in Ireland
  • Any additional information about dietary requirements and allergies (if any)

What happens next?

When a guest completes a booking request form Room For Rent administration also get a notification.

As we have a personal relationship with many of our hosts we will often spot where a guest and host are not a good match.

For example the guest may be male and, although you have indicated that you only accept female guests, they have still submitted a booking request. We will then contact the guest and recommend an alternative homestay.

If we don’t hear back from you (maybe you have missed the email notification?) we will contact you to find out if you would like to host the particular guest.

What happens once I accept a booking?

Once you have accepted the booking we will contact the guest and request payment of the Room For Rent booking fee.

Once the booking fee has been paid we will then forward your contact details to the guest and we will give you the guests contact details.

You can then communicate directly with the guest regarding arrival, payment, etc.

If I'm not happy once the guest arrives?

We’re all human and for various reasons a guest and host may not see eye to eye.

If you decide that you don’t want to continue with a guest booking we will make every effort to accommodate the guest with an alternative host.

Do I have to collect my guest on arrival?


For adult guests they will need to find their own way to your homestay. You may offer transfer to or from the airport at an additional charge.

If you are hosting student guests under 18 we will arrange transfer to your homestay.

How can I cancel a reservation?

Sometimes something happens where you can’t go ahead with a previously agreed booking.

You can contact Room For Rent and we will try to find an alternative host for the guest.

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