Please enter the amount per week you would like to charge for your homestay.Please enter the amount you would like to charge per week for your homestay.If you would like to charge a refundable Security Deposit please enter the amount here, otherwise you can leave this blank.

Please only use digits without any currency symbol.
If you allow guests use of your kitchen please indicate this here.Do you allow eating or drinking in your room?Please indicate if you have pets in your homestay and/or if pets are allowed.If you have a maximum number of days/nights for which you can accommodate a guest please enter it here.

For example, 365 for one year, etc.

If you have no maximum then do not enter anything.
Enter the description of the service here. But very clear with your description to avoid any misunderstanding.

For example, Price is per week for the duration of your stay or Price is for single airport transfer, etc.
Enter the price for the service here.

For example €25 or €30 per week.
Enter a name for the service here.

For example, Packed Lunch, Full Board, Airport Transfer, etc.
If you offer additional services such as packed lunch, full board, etc. you can add them here.If Google has placed the Map Pin in the wrong place for your address you can move it manually here.

You will notice that the Longitude and Latitude below will change as you move the pin.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.

For example, Ireland, etc.
This field may be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions, however this is not always accurate and may be something generic such as Northside.

If it is incorrect or not completed you can enter it here manually.

For example, Glasnevin, Santry, etc.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.

For example, County Dublin, County Meath, etc.
This field should be automatically completed if you have selected your address from the list of Google suggestions.

If not you can enter it here manually.

For example, Dublin 13, Dublin 7, etc.
Please select the type of bed for this listing.

Enter Double, Single, Bunk, etc.
Enter any additional rules for your homestay here.

For example No visitors after 10pm, No shoes worn indoors, or any other rule.
Do you allow smoking in your homestay?Enter the minimum number of nights you wish to offer hosting. For example if you don't want to accept bookings of less than four weeks enter 28 here. Use digits only.

If you don't have a minimum number for this listing, don't enter anything here.
Enter your cancellation policy here.

e.g. Free cancellation up to one month before arrival date. Cancellation less than one month before arrival date will forfeit your security deposit.
Start typing your address in the 'Address' field below and then select from the Google suggestions.

Once you select an option all other fields will be completed automatically.

If Google cannot find your address you may enter it manually by completing the fields.
Select any of the Educational Institutions shown below which are within a 45 minute commute of your home.Select all of the public transport options which are close to your home.Select any of the transport options which apply from the categories shown.Upload photos of your room here.

Guests rely on photos for making their decision so the better the quality the more interest your listing will generate.
If you have a video of your room or an introduction from yourself, add the details here.You can add any additional services you offer here.

For example you may offer a packed lunch, full board, airport transfer etc.
Enter the amount per night which is used for calculations.

For example if you have entered 140 above for your weekly rate then divide this amount by 7 to get your nightly rate. In this example it would be 20 (140 ÷ 7 = 20)

This is the amount which will be used for calculating the booking total.

Use numbers only (no currency symbol).
Please enter the amount per week you wish to achieve for your listing.

Enter a number only (no currency symbol), e.g. 145
If you accept interns and/or workers, please select a category.

If you don't accept interns or workers don't select any option.
Do you accept couples or families? If so, select option below.

If you don't accept couples or families don't select any option.
Please enter a contact number so that Room For Rent can call you regarding booking requests.

This number will not be visible to, or provided to, potential guests.
If you only wish to host female guests select Female

If you only wish to host male guests select Male

If you wish to host guests of either gender select Male and Female

You must select an option.
Enter the type of bathroom. e.g. Ensuite, Shared Bathroom etc.Enter the total number of beds in this room.

If there is only one bed in the room enter 1

If there is more than one bed in the room enter the total number.

Enter a number only.
Enter the maximum number of guests you can accommodate for this listing.

1 or 2 (e.g. if you have a twin room and are happy to accept either 1 or 2 guests)
Select which category best fits your room.

Choose from Private Room, Shared Room or Entire Place.
Enter a detailed description of your listing.

The more information you add the more likely a guest is to click on your homestay.
Enter a catchy title for your room, e.g. Spacious Double Room, Quirky Attic Room, etc.

This is what potential guests will see when browsing listings so make it attractive.
Please select the type of bed for this listing.

Room For Rent Help

Video Help

Use the videos below to learn how to carry out various functions on the Room For Rent website.

Your Account and Profile

Adding a listing

Edit listing address

Edit Your Calendar

Room For Rent want happy hosts and guests

The items shown here are designed to show the most common questions and answers for both hosts and guests.

Of course there will be many unique questions which you may have and you can contact us at our Contact Us page with any queries which aren’t answered here.

Getting Started

What is Room For Rent?

Room For Rent is a natural progression from our parent organisation, Host Family Dublin Ireland.

Host Family Dublin Ireland began in 2017 when founder, Marica Killi, noticed the huge demand for safe, comfortable accommodation for foreign students visiting Ireland.

Since then it has grown into an Agency that looks after thousands of students from all corners of the globe, travelling to Dublin and Ireland to study, work or experience the culture.

Room For Rent is a service that has been designed to expand on our experience hosting second level students and allows 18+ guests visiting Ireland to search for the homestay room of their choice, in a location which is convenient for their place of study, internship or work.

How is Room For Rent different from other similar services?

Room For Rent has taken a completely different approach to the offerings from other websites in this space.

Our model is fair and clear right from the start. As a host the service we provide is 100% FREE. It costs nothing to create an account and offer your room to guests.

Room For Rent charges the guest a booking fee of €125 irrespective of the length of stay. Payment for the room and any extras that a host may offer is made directly to the host by the guest during their stay.

The booking fee that a guest pays is only charged after the room availability has been confirmed so there is zero risk using the Room For Rent service.

How do I create an account?

At the top of every page on the Room For Rent app you will find the Register button.

When you click on Register you can sign up as a host (I want to host a room) or guest (I want to book a room).

You can register using email, Facebook or your Google account.

Registering is free.

Who can register as a host?

Anyone can register as a host.

Once a host has registered they can then create a listing for the space they have available.

Every listing must be approved by Room For Rent.

If a listing is added by a host who is new to Room For Rent we will contact them to make sure that they are a bona fide host who is entitled to list their space, before the listing goes live.

Where you see the verified sign this means one of The Host Family Team has called to the host and viewed their home to ensure it meets our clean, comfortable and affordable requirements.

Hosting Questions

What's expected from room For Rent hosts?

Room For Rent want to ensure that guests have an enjoyable visit which is easy and profitable for hosts.

All hosts should:

  • Have a well maintained, clean home
  • Provide wifi and offer a warm welcome to your guest on arrival
  • Provide information, or even better – show your guest nearest bus stop, station etc.
  • Allow reasonable access  to the kitchen and laundry facilities where applicable

When we place student guests who are under the age of 18, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to outline what’s expected of you as a host and to answer any questions.

Well taken, clear photos of your room and communal areas will make your listing much more attractive to potential guests.

What's expected when hosting students under 18?

If an unaccompanied guest is under the age of 18 the host must be Garda Vetted, either through Room For Rent or through the Agent or Language School who is sourcing the room. Room For Rent will also carry out a home visit giving us the opportunity to meet with you and answer any questions you might have.

What happens if my circumstances change and I have to cancel a booking for an expected or existing guest?

If your circumstances change and you can no longer continue to offer your room to guests you can log-in to your personal user area and remove your listing completely or block out the dates during which you cannot host.

If a guest is already staying with you when your circumstances change we ask you contact Room For Rent. Where possible we would ask that you give a minimum of one weeks notice. Room For Rent will then use our extensive database of available properties to find a suitable alternative for your guest.

What house rules can I implement?

It’s your home and your house rules.

When adding your listing make sure that you list all your important house rules in the relevant section.

Please explain your house rules, either in person or in writing to your guest on arrival so that everybody understands what is expected.

Should I give my guest a key?

For long term stays we recommend that you provide a key for your guests unless there is always somebody available at the property to allow entry.

You should go through your opening and locking procedures with your guest including setting your alarm where applicable.

Can I charge a security deposit?

It’s up to you. If you charge a refundable security deposit make sure that you enter this information in the appropriate section for your listing.

What about tax and insurance?

Your individual tax obligations vary based on your circumstances.

Room For Rent recommend that you ensure you understand your obligations or consult a tax professional to get more detailed information.

In general, the money you earn as a host on Room For Rent is usually considered taxable income. This may be subject to different taxes like rental tax, income tax, or VAT depending on your individual circumstances. You can check with the Revenue Commissioners if you need to declare the income you earn from hosting. You may be eligible for tax reliefs and allowances.

Rent-a-Room Relief

Income that hosts earn by renting a room for residential purposes in an individual’s sole or main residence that does not exceed €14,000 in a year may be subject to a relief from income tax and other fiscal obligations as long as certain conditions are satisfied. Again you should check with a tax professional if this applies in your specific circumstances.

Short-term rental income from occasional visitors does not qualify for the relief because the accommodation is being used as a guest accommodation rather than a residential purpose.


You should ensure that you have adequate insurance for hosting guests. Your insurer or broker will be able to determine what kind of obligations, limits, and coverage are required for your specific circumstances.

You should review your homeowners insurance policy to make sure your listings have adequate liability coverage and property protection.

Guest Questions

What's expected from room For Rent guests?

You’re expected to have a friendly, comfortable and safe stay.

Room For Rent want to ensure that guests have an enjoyable visit.

All guests should:

  • Communicate regularly with hosts once your booking has been confirmed
  • Never be worried about asking questions before you arrive. Room For Rent and your host want to make your trip as easy as possible
  • Adhere to house rules which are there to make the experience a happy one for all parties
  • Make all agreed payments on time during your stay
  • Let Room For Rent and your host know as soon as any changes in your circumstances which will impact on your stay

What payment methods are accepted?

Once a booking request has been approved we accept payment of the booking fee using any of the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Payment card over the phone

Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a booking?

Yes. You can use whatever payment method or methods you like to pay the booking fee.

Payment for your stay is made directly to the host and you should request information from them regarding their accepted payment methods.

Can I make changes to a booking request?

Yes. If the booking has not yet been confirmed you can simply withdraw your booking request.

If you want to alter your request in some way (change dates, change location, etc.) you can contact Room For Rent via our contact page.

Transport Options
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