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Terms and Conditions for Hosts

Hosts are responsible for ensuring that they have all adequate public liability and occupiers’ liability insurance in place.

Room For Rent (referred to as “RFR”) is not responsible for any loss occasioned to the host, should any claim arise from the placing of a guest with the host.

RFR acts as a conduit for introduction purposes only.

RFR has no responsibility whatsoever for the guest’s behaviour, once the host has accepted the guest into their home.

Hosts are to be vigilant and ensure that their home is safe and secure.

RFR is not responsible to the host, if in the event the guest commits a crime or causes any damage to the property of the host.

The host agrees to indemnify RFR from and against all claims, causes, suits or actions as may arise now or at any stage into the future in relation to the actions of the guest accepted by the host.

The host acknowledges that RFR has no responsibility to them for any loss/theft/damage to persons occasioned by a guest accepted by the host.

RFR does not assume any responsibility for any injury suffered by the guest whilst in the care of the host. If in the event any physical or verbal abuse occurs, the host accepts that RFR has no responsibility to any victim of abuse, and the host should immediately report the matter to An Garda Síochána without initial recourse to RFR. The host agrees that they will cooperate fully with all appropriate authorities in relation to the investigation of any such matter.

The host accepts that any guest who is a minor (under the age of 18) should not be left unsupervised in the home of the host at any stage.

Hosts are responsible for fully informing the guest of all safety alarms and fire alarms in the host’s property.

RFR are not responsible for any offence which may be caused due to any particular belief or faith practised by the guest.

If there is any change in the circumstances of the host, which would in the view of a reasonable person be considered a material change from the time that a listing is made on the RFR website, and prior to the acceptance of a guest, the host warrants that they will bring such a material change to the attention of RFR which may result in RFR informing the host of a cancellation of a guest. If the host is in any doubt as to what constitutes a material change in circumstances, the host should inform RFR immediately.

In the event the host requires a change to the initial booking time they hereby undertake to give as much notice of this change to the guest as is possible.

The host agrees to give a minimum of one week’s notice to the guest of such a change.

The guest will be requested by RFR to likewise give as much notice as possible to the host and one week’s notice at a minimum should the guest require a change to the initial booking time.

The host hereby undertakes and agrees that in the event any guest who is an unaccompanied minor (under the age of 18) becomes sick or is injured and requires medical treatment, the host will ensure that a responsible adult accompanies that guest to hospital and/or to the doctor. The resulting costs or expenses incurred by the host (if any) are a matter between the host and the guest. The host hereby acknowledges that RFR has no responsibility to the host to recoup or refund any costs or expenses incurred by the host in this regard.

The host hereby undertakes and agrees that they will not, without the prior written consent of RFR, directly or indirectly in any capacity either on their own behalf or in conjunction with or on behalf of any person, firm, company, business, concern or enterprise contact the guest, schools, travel agencies, etc whom they have been introduced to via RFR in order to provide accommodation services directly or indirectly, which accommodation services would otherwise be, in whole or in part, accommodation services arranged and organised through RFR.

Terms & Conditions of business for guests and, where applicable, their parents/legal guardians

1. Definitions:-

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions:-

“the Business”, “we”, “our” or “us” refers to Marica Killi trading as Host Family Dublin Ireland and Room For Rent whose place of business is at Swords, Dublin

“Client”, “you” or “your” refers to the individual person being a student/intern/worker who is aged 18 years and over and includes, in the case of someone under the age of 18 years old, their parent or legal guardian, who contracts with Marica Killi trading as Host Family Dublin Ireland and Room For Rent to undertake service(s) on his/her/their behalf.

“Host”, “host family” or “host families” means any person(s) who offers accommodation and/or food for payment to a Client.

“Contract” means the contract for the supply of Services to the Client by the Business governed by the Terms and Conditions as set out hereunder.

“Terms and Conditions” means the standard terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and (unless the context requires otherwise) includes any special terms and conditions agreed in writing between the Business and the Client.

“Order” means a confirmed request by you for our Services.

“Services” includes but is not limited to the following:- identifying suitable Host Families based on the information provided to us by the Client; placing of Clients with Host Families in the Republic of Ireland; being a point of contact for Clients once placed with the Host Family.

“Confidential information” means information (in any format), which is confidential, either to you or to us and which either you disclose to us or we disclose to you in connection with the Services.

1.1 These conditions apply to your use of the Services.  Any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions shall entitle us to terminate or suspend your rights to use the Services.

1.2 We reserve the right to change or alter these Terms and Conditions at any time and such changes will, unless otherwise stated, take immediate effect.

2. Eligibility and registration:-

2.1 You must be at least 18 years old to place an Order for the Services in your own name.  If you are under the age of 18 and you want to request our Services then your parent or legal guardian must register on your behalf.

2.2 When you register with us, you also agree to provide accurate, up to date and complete information.

3. Disclaimer:-

3.1 The Business shall endeavour to ensure the suitability of any Host Family introduced to the Client by checking references and in order to maintain a high standard of service and integrity.  However we do not represent nor do we make any warranty, express or implied, as to the final suitability of any Host Family introduced to the Client. Ultimately the decision to avail of accommodation offered by the Host Family will be the decision of the Client.  The Client hereby acknowledges that we rely wholly on the representations of both Clients and Host Families in that regard.

3.2 We are not responsible for the behaviour of the Host Family nor do we accept responsibility for any loss, theft, damage or injury suffered by the Client or the Client’s property whilst in the care of the Host Family.

3.3 In the unlikely event that the Client encounters difficulties with the behaviour of the Host Family or the accommodation provided by the Host Family fails to meet reasonable standards, whilst not accepting any liability in relation to same as per clause 3.1. above, we will use our best endeavours to provide the Client with suitable alternative accommodation with another Host Family.

3.4 No data, written or otherwise obtained by you from us or by using our Services will create any warranty not specifically stated in these Terms and Conditions.

4. Indemnity:-

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Business, its officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from your use of the Services or your breach of these Terms and Conditions.  We shall provide notice to you promptly of any such claim, suit, or proceeding and shall assist you, at your expense, in defending any such claim suit or proceeding.

5. Payment:-

5.1 A non-refundable agency fee is payable by the Client to the Business on receipt of our invoice and prior to us providing the Client with the contact details of the Host Family.  Once payment is received by us we will provide you with a booking confirmation and forward you the contact details of the Host Family to include address, email address and mobile phone numbers.

5.2 Once the Client arrives to the Host Family all accommodation payments are made directly to the Host Family.

5.3 Method of payment:- All payments due to the Business shall be discharged by way of electronic funds transfer (EFT).  We will forward you the relevant bank account details. Alternatively, you can pay by way of PayPal.

5.4 Failure of payment:- The Business cannot guarantee the continued availability of a suitable Host Family in the event that the agency fee is not paid promptly.

6. Cancellation policy:-

If the Client has to cancel the booking, you should do so by contacting the Business and the Host Family in writing at the earliest opportunity.

7. Applicable law:-

7.1 Jurisdiction:
This Contract and these Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects (including the formation thereof and the performance thereunder) in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland.

7.2 Enforcement of overall agreement:
If any term or provision of this Agreement is at any time held by any jurisdiction to be void, invalid or unenforceable, then it shall be treated as changed or reduced, only to the extent minimally necessary to bring it within the laws of that jurisdiction and to prevent it from being void and it shall be binding in that changed or reduced form. Subject to that, each provision shall be interpreted as severable and shall not in any way affect any other of these terms.

7.3 Limitation of Liability:
The Business will be relieved of all liability in respect of obligations owed to the Client which we cannot fulfill for reasons beyond our control.

8. Entire Agreement:-

These Terms and Conditions, together with any other Terms and Conditions notified to you, accepted by you or to which you are bound by the use of any of our Services and the constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to your use of our Service.

9. Data Protection:-

The Client hereby acknowledges that by entering into the Contract with the Business that the Client is giving us permission to hold information in our records including sensitive data.  When you engage our Services you are allowing us to keep your contact details. However, when the Services are concluded, if you require us to delete your contact details, we will do so, at your request.

10. Storing Information in Electronic Format:-

The Client hereby agrees that the Business is not responsible for any loss of, or corruption of, information held by the Business by any off-site electronic storage service that we use.  We will try to make sure that the company we use is reputable.

11. Complaints:-

In the event that you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our Service(s), please send the complaint in writing to us and we will review it without delay and respond to you within 14 days.


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